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Faberge-style eggs such as custom jewelry boxes, ring bearer boxes, and kaleidoscopes. Hand painted eggs, pet portraits, and personalized Christmas ornaments. Blown emu, rhea, and ostrich eggs for sale.
2 Stars
Fabergé Eggs: Momentos of a Doomed Dynasty
Contains history and images of the eggs, including information on the Romanov dynasty, Fabergé, the fate of the eggs, collector Armand Hammer, and the current whereabouts of the eggs.
2 Stars
Eggstatic Creations
Provides a brief history of egg art, a gallery of egg art from beginning to advanced work, the artist's other interests, a photo album, and contact information.
1 Star
Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore, Inc.
Information on meeting, classes and events, downloadable newsletters, and photo galleries of past events and members at work.
1 Star

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