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Shakespeare Online
Provides information on the life, works, and world of William Shakespeare. Included are the texts of Shakespeare's complete plays and poetry.
3 Stars
Absolute Shakespeare
Resource for Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and Globe Theatre. Includes study guides, commentaries, play summaries, timeline, authorship debate.
2 Stars
Art to Enchant: Illustrators and Shakespeare
A collection of illustrated editions of Shakespeare from 1744 through 1986.
2 Stars
Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The
The plays and poems in searchable HTML format, with a biography and some other articles.
2 Stars
Juliet and Her Romeo in the New Millennium
A post modern English short film version of Romeo and Juliet, celebrating the bawdy spirit and clever wordplay of Shakespeare's original text.
2 Stars
No Sweat Shakespeare
Shakespeare resources: e-books, translations, sonnets and a range of Shakespeare essays and resources.
2 Stars
Shakespeare Mystery, The
Theorizes that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, a poet and intimate of Queen Elizabeth I, was the real bard. Contains debates, articles, perspectives from the Stratfordians and Oxfordians.
2 Stars
Shakespeare: Subject to Change
Learn more about Shakespeare. His language, altered texts, writing and printing process, and interpretations of Hamlet.
2 Stars
Treasures in Full: Shakespeare in Quarto
Contains 93 copies of 21 plays by Shakespeare printed in quarto. The site allows page-by-page comparison of different quarto editions and copies of the plays.
2 Stars
Internet Shakespeare Editions
Fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays, materials that deal with the overall structure, database of historical and current performance records.
1 Star
RhymeZone Shakespeare Search
Search engine to find specific Shakespearean lines.
1 Star
Shakespeare Resource Center
Provides a biography, play synopses, text of Shakespeare's last will and testament, list of recommended books, information and annotated links on the authorship debate, the Globe Theatre, Elizabethan England.
1 Star
Shakespeare Searched
Search through passages from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. Filter by character or by work.
1 Star
Shakespearean Insulter
Random insulting quotes from Shakespeare or ones that sound like they should be.
1 Star

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