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Big Duck's Harpsichord Miscellany
Extensive introduction to the harpsichord and its types, list of links to current builders, and mottos.
3 Stars
L'Orgue historique de Saint-Gervais Paris
Construction and history of the organ in the church of Saint-Gervais in Paris. Includes bibliography, list of famous organists, and short articles on the Couperins. English and French.
2 Stars
Bate Collection of Musical Instruments
A collection of historical woodwind, brass and percussion instruments at the University of Oxford. Information about the history of the collection, images and descriptions of instruments.
1 Star
British Clavichord Society, The
Membership and advertising information, awards, and upcoming clavichord events.
1 Star
Dolmetsch Musical Instruments
Information about their plastic and wood recorders, harpsichords, viols, books, and recordings.
1 Star
Dulcian, The
Features this renaissance and baroque woodwind instrument with historical sources, early images and audio samples. For modern players it offers musical scores, fingering charts and reed-making details. Links to workshops and makers provided.
1 Star
Finchcocks Living Museum of Music
Georgian manor in Kent houses collection of historical keyboard instruments. Also available for weddings and corporate events. Publishes some books and CDs about their instruments.
1 Star
Hans Mons
Resource on the dulcian, other proto-bassoons, and other early wind instruments.
1 Star
Instruments Pour Jouer les Musiques du Moyen Age
Articles and sound files on medieval musical instruments. In French.
1 Star
Jew's Harp Guild, The
Articles on the Jew's harp, discussion board, and links to sites with audio files.
1 Star
Lira da Braccio in Works of Art, The
Provides images from renaissance art of the Lira da Braccio - providing evidence of the forms that this pre-violin instrument took. Some modern images are also included. In French with some English.
1 Star
Lute Society of America, Inc., The
Aministrative information, news and announcements, and downloads including a few sound samples.
1 Star
Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society
Administrative information, announcements, large photographs, and an introductory article on the early history of keyboard instruments.
1 Star
Princeton Early Keyboard Center
Independent school of harpsichord and clavichord playing and continuo realisization and accompaniment. Introduction, facilities, and events.
1 Star

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