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Australian Word Map
Join the hunt for words, phrases and expressions used by particular language groups throughout the country. Search and submit suggestions. So get those ``tarnies'' busy and ``chilax'' instead of ``plurk''.
2 Stars
Lists of words chosen to be banished from English for over use, misuse, and general uselessness. Includes an archive of past lists.
2 Stars
Naciones Unidas: Diccionarios populares
Vocabulary of popular terms from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. In Spanish.
2 Stars
Internet slang and acronym dictionary and translator. Also offering a guide to netspeak, a blog, and a FAQ.
2 Stars
Alternative Dictionaries
Glossary of slang terms and phrases that wouldn´t be found in a common dictionary. Features slang of over 50 languages.
1 Star
Aussie Slang
All about communicating with and understanding Australians, their language and customs, including links to related global slang and dialects.
1 Star
Australian Slang
Australian slang words and phrases with definitions sorted alphabetically.
1 Star
Diccionario de Lunfardo
Glossary of Lunfardo terms, the slang used in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1 Star
London Slang
Definitions of British slang terms, particularly as used in London.
1 Star
A dictionary of nonexistent words sorted alphabetically or by category.
1 Star

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