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Chris Pound's Language Machines 1 Star
A collection of random fantasy name generation tools geared towards roleplaying games, word and spell name generation tools and links to other random name generation sites.
Reviewed by flamewine

Fairy Name Generator 1 Star
Type a first and last name to find its magic fairy version. Check if you have the same fairy name as Osama Bin Laden.
Reviewed by MirDoc

Fantasy Name Generator 1 Star
Features a tool that allows for the creation of fantasy names. Includes instructions for use and history of the name generator.
Reviewed by lorenzen

Gangsta Name Generator 1 Star
Transform everyday names into gangster names with this tool. Also provides tools to generate taxi driver names, significant other pet names, pirate names and mafia names.
Reviewed by flamewine

Naque for Unique Names 1 Star
Enter several common words to receive a list of unique names from the word mixer. Also provides randomly chosen lists of words, geographic names and a forum.
Reviewed by flamewine

Random Name Generator 1 Star
Choose the number of names, the gender and how obscure the name should be and have a random list of names generated based on data from the U.S. Census Report.
Reviewed by flamewine

Vampire Name Generator 1 Star
Enter a name at "The Great Archives" to discover its ominous alias and dark history. PDA version also available.
Reviewed by darbel

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