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A wireless Internet technology portal which offers product review, price comparisons, hotspots, Internet service, and community for; news, reviews and advice.
3 Stars
Commil USA
Decribes technology for wireless devices that allows users to make wireless calls through local wireless networks and access points.
2 Stars
Resource about home wireless networks. Covers set-up, security, and more.
2 Stars
Alvarion, Ltd.
Powerhouse of point-to-multipoint Broadband Wireless Access solutions for telecom carriers, service providers and enterprises. Provides Internet access, and voice and data services.
1 Star
Ascendent Systems
Offering products that focus on mobility and continuity of service. Includes links to product and industry news, events, customer lists and careers.
1 Star
Free Networks Org
A volunteer cooperative association dedicated to education, collaboration, and advocacy for the creation of free Wifi networks. Includes security information and tools, articles, FAQ, bulletin boards and communities list.
1 Star
Austrian Wardriving and wireless network security site. Offers hardware and software information for surfing wireless Lans. In Austrian only.
1 Star
New York City Wireless Network
Promotes public wireless infrastructure in the New York City area. Includes security information, security tools, Wifi technology information, FAQ, bulletin boards and Wireless LAN locations in the city.
1 Star
NoCat Net
A community supported 802.11b wireless network in Sonoma County, CA. Includes free product, technical information and forum for Wifi.
1 Star
Seattle Wireless Net
A wireless broadband community network in Seattle. Includes security information, security tools, Wifi technology information, FAQ, bulletin boards.
1 Star
Sectro Wireless Networking Services
Providing cost-effective, secure wireless Internet networking solutions to financial companies in Toronto, Canada. Includes business applications, information on services and equipment provided, and a company history.
1 Star
A Bluetooth and wireless LAN networking solution provider, delivers a range wireless products based on technology using Bluetooth, 802.11b, a, g, ADSL, GPRS etc.
1 Star
WebMessenger Mobile Platform
Develops software that bridges wireless networks and mobile devices with corporate data. Provides product and solution overviews, evaluation downloads, company news and events.
1 Star
Wi-Fi Technology Forum
A forum about Wireless LAN technologies. Includes articles, forum, chat and discussion groups and list of providers.
1 Star
Wireless Directory
A complete Bluetooth resource, including news, products, learning resources, manufacturers, software developers, and distributors.
1 Star
Wireless Technology Advisor
Offers advice and simple explanations of how different types of wireless technology work. Includes remote measurement, sensing, RFID, computing, networking and other technologies using wireless data communication.
1 Star

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