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Alaska Northern Lights
Detailed information on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the benefits of light therapy. Provides testimonials, Q&A's, products and ordering information.
2 Stars
Color Energy
Offers information on color energy and how it affects our well-being. Includes a list of color energy products, color news, books and a questionnaire.
2 Stars
HR Sales USA
Provides alternative health products for light and color therapy, energy therapy, sound therapy, and Holographic Repatterning. Includes a brief description of each product and how it is used.
2 Stars
Lightbox Research Solutions
Doctor Recommended light therapy systems for S.A.D, Mood disorders, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, and sleep disorders. Includes information about light therapy, research, and treatment.
2 Stars
Natural Lighting
Provides information on full spectrum lighting and its effects on SAD and ADD students. Includes product and ordering information.
2 Stars
Nu-You Lighting
Quality lighting at affordable prices for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and the winter blues. Light box specifications and FAQ's.
2 Stars
RevitaMed Infrared Light Therapy
Information about infrared light therapy, LED light therapy, and available products for home or professional use. Includes article about use for sports rehabilitation and therapy resources.
2 Stars
Sun Box Co.
Light units for relief from seasonal depression, jet lag and sleep disorders. Includes accessories, books, and general lighting information.
2 Stars
Sunmex Biotechnologies
Examines the effects of low-light treatment on SAD compared to the bright lights commonly used and the effects it has on the eyes. Includes information on SAD.
2 Stars
Color the Secret Influence
The effects of color on health and psychology, in advertising, and interior environments. Provides research data and promotes informed color selection.
1 Star
Full Spectrum Solutions
Factory direct full spectrum lighting used in the treatment of SAD. Includes fixtures and lamps.
1 Star
Healing With the Rainbow Rays
Basic color healing, class and workshop information, articles, and book reviews.
1 Star
Light Sound Therapeutic Technology
Information and research findings on the benefits of light, sound and color therapy.
1 Star
Light Therapy Center
Offers information on light therapy and its effects on PMS, migraines, SAD, ADD, CFS, and sleep disorders. Includes light therapy products with descriptions of their use and benefits.
1 Star
Morning StarLight
Provides featureless white light for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. Includes light therapy and technology information.
1 Star
Rays of Color
In-depth explanations on how specific colors can help heal and restore your well being. Describes the Luscher Color test, and gem chromotherapy and includes links to related resources.
1 Star

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