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Allied Vaccine Group
Provides information on the subject of vaccines. Features members and a search facility.
2 Stars
Child Health Immunizations
Provides information for parents about immunizations and the diseases. Offers common questions and a recommended schedule.
2 Stars
Childhood Immunization Record
Track your child's immunizations. Email reminder lets you know if anyhave been missed. Store details of doctor visits, chart growth, andother critical medical information for your child.
2 Stars
Every Child By Two
Campaigns for early immunization. Provides issues, resources, contacts, diseases, photographs and a newsletter. Some pages available in Spanish.
2 Stars
Flu Patch Vaccine
Learn more about new Flu Patch Vaccine that is safe, less painful,easy to administer. It will reduce overall medical costs and help increase vaccine coverage rates.
2 Stars
Immunisation Advisory Centre
Immunization, vaccination, child health information for parents and health professionals. Lists vaccines, recommended schedules and questions. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.
2 Stars
Immunization Action Coalition
Provides childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization information. Lists diseases and vaccines, state information and publications. Site available in many languages.
2 Stars
Immunization Gateway
Provides vaccine recommendations, issues, laws, regulations, publications, fact sheets and government databases.
2 Stars
Immunization Info
Offers up to date information on vaccines. Lists news, fact sheets and general questions.
2 Stars
National Vaccine Information Center
Lists issues, vaccination decisions, state exemptions, dieases and vaccines, articles, interviews and a newsletter.
2 Stars
Vaccine Education Center
Based at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Features a vaccination schedule, common questions, holiday vaccinations and adult and teen vaccines.
2 Stars
Enough to Go Around
Introduces the research of plant biologist Charles Arntzen, a pioneer in the development of edible vaccines. Explains how they are made, how they may increase vaccination rates in developing countries.
1 Star
Learn about this nasal flu vaccine that helps provide flu protection in healthy children and adults aged 5 to 49.
1 Star
NPI: National Partnership for Immunization
Provides links to information on vaccine safety, immunization registries, and immunization schedules and requirements; state health profiles; and a downloadable safety reference guide.
1 Star
Vaccine Page, The
Information about vaccines and immunology. Lists details for parents, adults, practitioners and researchers. Offers journals and organizations.
1 Star
Vaccine World
Provides information on streptococcus, tetanus, diphtheria, and meningitis vaccines developed by Wyeth Lederle. Includes online resources.
1 Star

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