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A guide to health fraud and scams. Includes information about misleading claims for coral calcium, seasilver, and growth hormones. Provides consumer protection and health information. In English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
3 Stars
FTC: Operation Cure-All
Provides information to consumers and businesses in text and pdf formats. Includes new releases and links to resources. In English and Spanish.
2 Stars Fight Internet Health Fraud
Article about health fraud and how to report suspicious claims.
1 Star
Bill Sardi: Coral Calcium Gets Beached
Article debunking myths put forth by Robert Barefoot and others trying to sell coral calcium. Includes a list of advice concerning calcium.
1 Star
Coral Calcium
Article by Dr. Michael T. Murray about the false claims regarding coral calcium. Includes a list of advantages and disadvantages of types of calcium supplements and a bibliography of resources.
1 Star
Coral Calcium: A Barefoot Scam
Time Magazine article dated March 14, 2003 discusses Robert Barefoot and coral calcium.
1 Star
False Hope?
Article from ABC News about misleading claims made by Bob Barefoot and Kevin Trudeau.
1 Star
From the Depths
Washington Post article from May 20, 2003 about coral calcium and Robert Barefoot.
1 Star
Health Quackery: Spotting Health Scams
Page from the National Institute on Aging with tips on spotting health scams. Includes links to resources.
1 Star

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