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Favourite Website Awards
A directory of sites winning awards based on design, navigation, content, graphics, and personality. Includes interviews with designers.
2 Stars
Webby Awards
Offers Web site awards to the most useful and entertaining sites as determined by a panel of judges.
2 Stars
10k Apart
Features news and listings of past competition winners and applicants for Web awards based on creativity. Design the best app under 10K.
1 Star
Good Internet Citizenship Award
Recognizes sites which "live up to the promise of the Internet" by providing useful information in an intuitive, accessible, cross-platform compatible fashion.
1 Star
Horizon Interactive Awards
Offers entry information and winners listings for annual competition for best interactive Web site awards.
1 Star
Ultraweb Awards
Offers information on requirements and application process for Web site awards program offered. Criteria based on content, design, functionality, creativity, and personality. Includes Flash intro.
1 Star
WebAward Competition
Offers guidelines and entry forms for an annual competition for best Web sites based on standard guidelines. Includes links to past years' award-winning sites.
1 Star
Webbie World
Features a directory of sites chosen as favorites by those visiting them. Includes free submissions, voting booth, search, news, and FAQ.
1 Star
Winnie-the-Pooh Awards
Offers awards based on criteria including quality, activity, family-friendliness, and Pooh-related content, with eligibility based on the honor system. Includes graphics and corresponding links.
1 Star
World Best Websites
Offers awards and prizes for quality Web site design. Includes criteria, information on application process, and winners hall of fame categorized by topic.
1 Star
World Wide Web Awards
Offers "Webmaster of the Year Award" to best sites based on scores according to criteria, along with preparatory tools, tutorials and resources. Features an awards store for trophies and such. Includes Flash intro.
1 Star

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