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Stumble Upon
A community-based Web site reviewing system, operated through a special tool bar on the browser. Displays pages based on selected interests. Includes weblogs of users' entries, friends system, and forums.
3 Stars
Bookmark and share favorite Web sites with the rest of the world. Web sites are made popular by user rating.
2 Stars
Free online service that saves Web pages, clippings, and links through clicking a browser bookmarklet. RSS feeds of selected categories or user archives available.
2 Stars
Linkman: Bookmark Manager
Bookmark manager that efficiently organizes large numbers of links. Integrates with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera and supports synchronization of bookmarks between browsers and computers.
2 Stars
Lets users create and share lists of their favorite bookmarks online.
2 Stars
Saves bookmarks online along with clippings and copies of the corresponding Web pages. Includes a community with forums. Operates through a browser sidebar activated by a browser toolbar button.
2 Stars
Link Commander
Desktop bookmark manager for MS Windows with built-in password manager, autocomplete passwords and autofill forms. Supports all major web browsers including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari for Windows and Opera.
1 Star
Bookmarking tool to save, manage, and organize favorite links.
1 Star
Search, save and share your favorite websites with this social bookmarking online resource.
1 Star

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