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Gardening Tips and Troubleshooting

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Pest Control

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Hort Corner - University of Illinois Extension 3 Stars
Tips for lawn care, fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens, flowers, trees, shrubs, insect and disease control. Also regular columns on gardening and landscaping.
Reviewed by hbird64

Free Gardening Tips 2 Stars
Free gardening information on planting vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, butterbeans, and sweet potatoes. Other gardening information includes how to make custom soil mixtures, soil testing, and mulching.
Reviewed by antie_em

Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory 2 Stars
Plant and pest questions and answers, how to submit samples, newsletters, and reference links.
Reviewed by hbird64

Acres USA 1 Star
North America's oldest, largest magazine covering eco-agriculture. Featured articles from the monthly publication as well as eco-ag books, audio tapes, and videos. Also request a free sample issue.
Reviewed by hbird64

Attracting Insects' Natural Enemies 1 Star
A brief article from Cornell University on gardening ecologically by using beneficial insect controls and preserving natural enemies.
Reviewed by hbird64

Backyard Gardener, The 1 Star
Many tutorials with photos on topics such as garden and lawn care, organic care, propagation, composting, and garden design.
Reviewed by Asher68

Beneficial Insects 101 1 Star
A guide for buying and using beneficial insects.
Reviewed by antie_em

Daisy Moore 1 Star
Seasonal garden tips for designing, planting, and garden maintenance. Also information on naturalized gardening.
Reviewed by Asher68

Dave's Garden 1 Star
Featuring gardening articles and how to videos. Large community of gardeners providing help and advice for all aspects of gardening.
Reviewed by microjoes

Due North Gardening Tips 1 Star
Tips for Canadian gardening. A variety of topics on growing and maintaining vegetable and flower gardens, as well as home composting, crop selection, and garden planning.
Reviewed by MamaKat

Flowers and Garden 1 Star
A resource for beginning gardeners and flower enthusiasts: indoor and container gardening, flower gardening basics, and working with fresh flowers.
Reviewed by psgroup

Gardeners' Corner 1 Star
Offers information, help topics, questions and answers for all gardeners. Contains gardening and your health and attracting wildlife.
Reviewed by sharis

Gardening Advice.Net 1 Star
Gardening advice. Learn how to grow vegetables, flowers, fruit, roses, trees, shrubs and more.
Reviewed by antie_em

Gardening Tips for Northeast Texas 1 Star
Extensive tips for trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, groundcover, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and houseplants. Seasonal topics, butterfly gardens, landscape tips, and composting.
Reviewed by antie_em

Improve Your Garden Soil 1 Star
Guide to better garden soil. Includes soil testing, composting and soil fertilizers.
Reviewed by mwaterhouse

Invisible Gardener, The 1 Star
Gardening database of resources and online store. Offers ebook downloads, pod casts, streaming videos, forums, chat, subscriptions to newsletters.
Reviewed by hbird64

Man's Garden 1 Star
Find information, and products to help create and maintain the garden. Tools, beer ingredients, growing a giant pumpkin and melons, lawns, projects, varmints, and products.
Reviewed by hbird64

Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County 1 Star
Offers gardening advice and tips with particular emphasis to the San Francisco Bay area. Answers questions about vegetable planting times, soil conditions and insect problems.
Reviewed by larryJAnt

Neil Sperry's Gardens 1 Star
Answers the most asked Texas gardening questions. Monthly gardening tips on a variety of subjects such as turf care, landscape plants, and cold weather protection.
Reviewed by Asher68

Organic Garden Tips 1 Star
Find tips for lawn, vegetable and herb gardening. Includes related links.
Reviewed by hbird64

Simple Gifts Farm 1 Star
Offers articles, columns, FAQs, newsletter, plant lists for perennials, herbs and water plants.
Reviewed by antie_em

Starting a Garden 1 Star
Resources to create your garden from start to finish.
Reviewed by antie_em

Stone Garden 1 Star
Offers information, article and tips for stone garden. Provides information for construction and maintenance.
Reviewed by vandy2102

Weed Science Society of America, The 1 Star
Publications concerning weed biology, weed photos and i.d., information regarding chemical and non-chemical weed control for lawn and garden.
Reviewed by asher68

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