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Southbay Traps
Rare Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, Nepenthes, Cephalotus & other carnivorous plants for sale. Our garden supply shop includes hydroponic equipment, grow lights, grow tents and more.
2 Stars
Carnivorous Plant Database
Includes over 3000 entries on carnivorous plants, photos, slideshows, and a plant trading group.
1 Star
Carnivorous Plant FAQ
General questions about carnivorous plants, venus flytraps, growing conditions : light, humidity, temperature, fertilizer. Also carnivorous genera.
1 Star
Cook's Carniverous Plants
Numerous varieties of flytraps, pitcher plants and others. Growing instructions also included.
1 Star
International Carnivorous Plant Society
Carnivorous plant newsletter, cultivars, seed bank, photo gallery, and FAQ on carnivorous plants.
1 Star
Venus Flytrap, The
Topics include the growing cycle, dormancy, trap size, fertilizing, and how to grow a venus flytrap. Also photos of venus fly traps.
1 Star

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