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Flower Seeds

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American Begonia Society 2 Stars
Begonia images and articles, a library of selected articles from current and past issues of the society's magazine "The Begonian, " and information about the society.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

Every Rose 2 Stars
Database of roses, including many photographs. Search or browse by name, color, class, height, width, growth habit, bloom season, or fragrance.
Reviewed by hbird64

Flowers 2 Stars
Offers a large variety of online pictures of flowers and garden plants with free backgrounds and wallpapers.
Reviewed by antie_em

FlowerTending 2 Stars
Comprehensive online flower guide with information about flowers by name. Includes care, growing, and arranging tips.
Reviewed by antie_em

Our Rose Garden 2 Stars
Includes tips for selection; site selection and bed preparation; planting; pruning; pest and disease protection. Features photos, videos and diagrams.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

Types of Flowers 2 Stars
A plant database that provides descriptions and other useful information on a range of plants and shrubs.
Reviewed by antie_em

Wildflowers in Bloom 2 Stars
Offers a photo album, growing information, seed sources, and related links.
Reviewed by Antie_Em

World of Salvias 2 Stars
Contains gallery with photos, descriptions, ideal growing conditions for varieties of salvias, salvia flower structure, working with seeds, and links to botanic gardens, nurseries, organizations, and databases.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

American Camellia Society 1 Star
Tips for growing camellias, information about camellia shows and other events, and information about the society.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

Culture of Camellias 1 Star
From the University of South Carolina's collection of rare illustrated books about the camellia, its history, cultivation and earliest varieties.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

FavoredRoses 1 Star
Find out about roses. Includes meaning of roses, traditions, and sources for gardening and shopping for roses and rose-themed products.
Reviewed by antie_em

Flowers and Plants 1 Star
Information about selected flowers and plants.
Reviewed by antie_em

Genus Eschscholzia: California Poppies 1 Star
Provides a history of the California state flower; information about the species of Eschscholzia with descriptions, photographs, and range information; phylogeny of Eschscholzia and its relatives; and a bibliography.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center 1 Star
A broad source of information about flower bulbs including introductory, bulb selection based on season and location, photos and technical info.
Reviewed by rebeccagreen

New England Wild Flower Society 1 Star
Home of the oldest plant conservation organization in the US, information on rare and invasive plants, propagation, newsletters, and educational opportunities.
Reviewed by hbird64

Osteospermum - The African Daisy 1 Star
Topics include plant care, pruning, common pests and diseases, a listing of cultivars, an african daisy photo gallery and greeting cards.
Reviewed by asher68

Rose Gardening Made Easy 1 Star
Creative and charming design ideas for using roses in your garden, with pictures of roses and information about the flowering and growth habits for each rose and their cultivation.
Reviewed by antie_em

Wildflower 1 Star
Magazine with information about the current issue, subscriptions, and related links.
Reviewed by Antie_Em

Wrights Daylily Garden 1 Star
Over 1100 varieties of hybrid daylilies. Online catalog with over 500 pictures.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

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