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Common Sense Landscape and Garden Care
Offers a step by step plan to a healthy lawn without resorting to harmful chemicals and pesticides. Topics include compost, compost tea, xeriscape landscaping, natural lawn care and pest control recipes.
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Cyber Help for Organic Farmers
Marketing and business help, farm news, extensive resources in fruit, vegetable, grain, and forage production as well as specialty crops.
2 Stars
Dirt Doctor, The
Howard Garrett's online version of 'The Natural Way: Organic Basics' radio program. Provides author's profile, weekly column, daily tips, and newsletters.
2 Stars
Family Gardens
A resource for creating sustainable organic home gardens. Includes detailed instructions on composting and making homemade compost bins. Information on choosing garden supplies, planting seeds, and growing organic food.
2 Stars
Bioscape, Inc.
Natural products for weed, disease, and pest control. Also lawn and tree care products. Photos and research.
1 Star
Offers articles on organic and sustainable agriculture, growing from seed, an on-line catalog, herbal medicine info, and tips on composting.
1 Star
Organic landscaping and gardening advice. Offers instructions for starting a garden and growing specific vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, herbs and how to grow flowers, plants and trees for landscaping.
1 Star
Horticultural Alliance, Inc
Manufacturer of Die-Hard mycorrhizal fungi, biostimulants, and beneficial bacteria. Also Horta-Sorb super absorbents, FAQ on their use, and articles on research and benefits.
1 Star
Maxicrop Organic Plant Stimulants
Norwegian seaweed feeds plants a wide range of nutrients and encourages deep root growth. Feeds the soil and encourages microbial activity. Available in liquid or power form.
1 Star
Monterey Lawn and Garden
Lawn and gardening tips, organic and chemical products for lawn care, weed, pest and disease control. Product labels available to view.
1 Star
Mother Earth Organics
Offers a full line of organic, child & pet-safe, gardening products, gardening tips and FAQ, and links to additional organic information.
1 Star
Organic Gardening Guru
An enlightening organic gardening guide.
1 Star
Planters II Foundation Mineral Fertilizer
Official site of U.S. Soil Inc. promotes the use of smart sustainable farming practices, with a strong mineral fertilizer for crops,livestock and soil. Includes dealer locations.
1 Star
Rodale Institute, The
Information on regenerative farming, gardening, and science - also programs for children and international programs.
1 Star
Environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers. Liquid bone meal, lime, kelp, and fish fertilizer. Information on lawn and houseplant care.
1 Star

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