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Another Wild Goose Chase
Providing solutions for Canada goose problems to businesses and institutions. Services for Canada goose control include: Border Collie chase programs, landscape modification, egg depredation, and sprayed applications. Based in LaGrange, IL.
3 Stars
Apex Wildlife Control LLC
A wildlife removal service for commercial and residential properties in the Cordova, TN area.
2 Stars
BatGuys: Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Specilizes in the removal and exclusion of bats, squirrels, skunks and raccoons. Includes steps to follow if there's a bat in the house.
2 Stars
Bird And Animal Control
Find humane trappers to solve pest problems. Remove raccoons, skunks, snakes, bats, pigeons, gophers, rats, and woodpeckers.
2 Stars
Pest bird control products: spikes, netting and more. Construction-grade. Also, nationwide network of authorized pest bird and pigeon control installers.
2 Stars
Boston Bat Removal
Specializing in bat and squirrel removal in the greater Boston area. Also providing bird and rat control in Boston.
2 Stars
Critter Ridder Texas
Austin TX based animal control and animal removal experts specializing in rat removal, raccoon removal, and squirrel removal.
2 Stars
Get Rid Of Moles
Environmentally friendly mole and gopher repellers that use vibrations that produce penetrating sonic sounds that irritate burrowing rodents. Includes information about mole species and distribution maps.
2 Stars
North East Wildlife Management
At North East Wildlife Management, we work diligently to provide efficient and comprehensive wildlife services. We are dedicated to maintaining the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones across Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
2 Stars
Rat Relief
A "Do It Yourself" guide to getting rid of rats in your home.
2 Stars
Regional Environmental Services
Bird and pigeon control services in London, dealing with removal, prevention and clearance of waste.
2 Stars
Shoreline Wildlife Management
Removes and controls bats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, birds, woodchucks and more in Connecticut for homeowners and commercial properties. We are a full time wildlife company and bat specialist.
2 Stars
United Wildlife Control
Animal control service will remove raccoons, squirrels and bats from chimneys and attics. Also; skunks from under crawl spaces.
2 Stars
VaMoose Varmint
Provides expert skunk, raccoon, groundhog, squirrel removal, and control provide bat control, bat removal, and gets rid of bats too.
2 Stars
Wildlife Removal Blog
A collection of real wildlife removal stories, with photographs. Written by a professional wildlife operator about his work.
2 Stars
ET Bat Control
A safe and effective way to get rid of most bat infestation problems.
1 Star
Masters Services
Nuisance wildlife removal control service and chimney sweep service. Chimney caps, gas logs, fireplace repairs. Raccoon, squirrel, armadillo, skunk, rat, bat, and snake trapping. Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa.
1 Star
Moleman, The
Professional mole trapper offers in-depth mole information and opinions about mole control and behavior. Lists credentials, FAQ and testimonials.
1 Star
Phantom Pest Wildlife Deterrents
Large area fence-less pest deterrents against; deer, coyote, raccoon, fox, skunk and armadillo. Provides organic safe protection for plants, pets and livestock. Also do-it-yourself plans for; solar dehydrator, gun accuracy, and cabin.
1 Star
Trap Anything
A trapping guide teaching you how to identify, locate and trap a variety of furbearers or nuisance animals.
1 Star
Wildlife Solutions
Safe animal and rodent removal without poisons. Complete animal proofing and elimination of animal attractants.
1 Star

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