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Achoo Allergy
Offering air purifiers, HEPA vacuums, and a complete line of allergy relief bedding.
2 Stars
Information about how air purifiers can help relieve allergies and asthma. Learn about HEPA, electronic, and whole house air cleaners, and how to select the right air purifier.
2 Stars
Online retailer of air purifiers, HEPA air filters, and other healthy living products.
2 Stars
Ionic Air, Inc.
Information about the vehicle air cleaner and purification device. Includes FAQ, reviews, and ordering information.
2 Stars
Ionic Zone
Offers a large selection of models and types of air purifiers for home or business use.
2 Stars
Air Purifier Guide
A guide to air purifier technology for homes and commercial buildings. Includes information on technology used, realistic health benefits, and major brands.
1 Star
Air Purifier Power
Air purifier reviews and indoor air quality information.
1 Star
Air Purifier Wiz
Consumer focused reviews and ratings aimed to help you find an air purifier that suits your needs.
1 Star
All Air Purifiers
Information on the various models of air purifiers available from different brand and in explanations of the technologies and filters used in product.
1 Star
Home Air Purifier Reviews
Home air purifier reviews. Also provides tips on how to buy home air cleaners, types of room air purifiers, and the best indoor air purifiers for your needs.
1 Star
How to Choose the Best Air Purifier
Informational guide on choosing the best air purifier.
1 Star
Room Air Purifiers
Shop and compare the selection of room air purifiers and filters.
1 Star
Top Air Purifier Reviews
Guide to the top air purifier reviews and information to help you to pick the right one to fit your needs.
1 Star

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