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Free email client for Windows, Macintosh, Unix/Linux, and Palm operating systems. Download offered in seven different languages.
2 Stars
Black Box Mail 2.0
Free client for mail and newsgroup transmission only. Allows easy changes among identities and other header values. Minimal help and feedback pages.
1 Star
Email Clients
Information on quality email clients and email tools. Also provides a watch blog with information on latest releases of email related software.
1 Star
Eureka Email
Email client emphasizing filtering, security, and an icon-based interface. No free trial, but does have a money-back guarantee.
1 Star
Email client stores messages as .eml files and uses patent-pending file-handling system to integrate the storage of messages and other data. Includes introduction, screen shots, and trial version for download.
1 Star
Offers free, safe, teacher-controlled email accounts for students. Also offers advertising free subscription services.
1 Star
Free email client which emphasizes security and small footprint. Available in English, Italian, German, and Polish. Site in English or German.
1 Star
Email client emphasizing security features. Also supports right-to-left languages. Site in English or Russian.
1 Star
A small text-based email client for Unix operating systems. Provides documentation and email features including screenshots, program features, and download information.
1 Star
Pegasus Mail
A free standards-based email client for single users or local area networks. Includes system information, technical support, manual ordering support, and FAQ.
1 Star
Pine Information Center
Email and Internet news program for Windows and Unix operating systems designed with the novice computer user in mind. Includes detailed instructions on program setup with screenshots.
1 Star
PMMail 2000
Two versions, including free demonstration versions for each. Professional version supports PGP. Free downloads, third-party utilities, and various support options.
1 Star
Email client with zip, reminder, filter, and encryption features. Free version is no longer being developed, but is still available for download. Program and site in German only.
1 Star
The Bat
Configurable and easy to use email client. Provides a complete list of the program features, screenshots, reviews, support, download and registration information.
1 Star
Makers of Popcorn email client, which requires no installation. Also make audio plug-ins which can no longer be obtained from them. Two versions of Popcorn and several support options.
1 Star

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