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A++ An Educational Programming Language
A++ is a programming language created for the sole purpose to help students to thoroughly understand as quickly and efficiently as possible the essentials of the art of programming.
2 Stars
Active State
Supplier of open source software, including free Perl, Python, and Tcl binary distributions. Also develops auxiliary applications for these and for PHP and XSLT. Includes ASPN programmer network, cookbooks, and documentation.
2 Stars
Free script resource for PHP, Perl, ASP,, JavaScript.
2 Stars
PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP scripts and tutorials.
2 Stars
javatpoint provides tutorials on various techonologies such as java, c language, javascript, android, sql and others.
2 Stars
Resource Index
CGI and PHP directories, featuring links to scripts, hosted applications, documentation, books, programmers, jobs, and hosting. Includes references to various programming languages.
2 Stars
Contains downloads of the Ruby programming language, libraries, relevant news and a community forum.
2 Stars
Alyce's Restaurant
Offering source code, demos, games, tutorials, API's, resources for Liberty BASIC. Provided free of charge by Alyce Watson.
1 Star
Discussion boards for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, graphics, multimedia, web development, Perl, CGI, PHP, MySQL, ASP, programming, computers, and technology topics.
1 Star
Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language
Programming language developed by IBM to enforce privacy rules. Includes specifications and sample files.
1 Star
Programación en Castellano
Articles, news, forum, and code snippets about programming in different languages. Site in Spanish.
1 Star
Ruby Central
Shares resources on Ruby object-oriented programming language. Includes downloads of source code and related applications and references, articles, FAQ, class and module library, and book "Programming Ruby, the Pragmatic Programmer's Guide."
1 Star
Visual FoxPro Wiki
Wiki Web site for Microsoft Visual FoxPro development. Contains open content indexed by topic and maintained by its users.
1 Star
An experimental programming language that makes use of the white space between program instructions. Includes code download, description, tutorials, examples, and tools.
1 Star

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