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NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry
Lists the laboratories or companies that meet the specific criteria for approved stem cell lines and explains the criteria themselves. Links to NIH stem cell information, grants and funding opportunities.
3 Stars
Collects, tests, and banks healthy new born and adult stem cells which will serve as the basis for personalized immunological and regenerative therapies.
2 Stars
Stem Cell Information
Official NIH resource for stem cell research. Includes an introduction to stem cells and cell-based therapies to treat disease,information about research ethics, federal policy, research projects and papers.
1 Star
Stem Cell Miracles
Stem cell research, ethics, debate facts and info on embryonic and adult stem cells. Includes therapy, treatments and facts about ongoing research.
1 Star
Stem Cells
Journal containing original articles and concise reviews describing basic laboratory investigations of stem cells.
1 Star

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