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Andrew Cunanan, The Obsession
News, links, pictures and more about the suspected gay spree killer, Andrew Phillip Cunanan.
2 Stars
Casebook: Jack the Ripper
Repository of Jack the Ripper related information. Introduction, timeline, victims, suspects, witnesses, letters, police officials, documents, and media.
2 Stars
Charlie Manson.Com
Provides what books are available, information, archives and exclusive photographs.
2 Stars
Historical Investigation into the Past
Contains late 19th century primary source materials from the Lizzie Borden axe murder trial in Fall River, Massachusetts. Includes photographs, illustrations, census data, maps, newspaper clippings, Borden family documents.
2 Stars
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Leonard is a member of the American Indian Movement, facing life in prison for a crime even the government's own documents show he did not commit. Lists FAQs, action plans and statements.
2 Stars
Murder at Harvard
Companion site to a PBS program on "one of the most notorious American crimes of the 19th century," involving the disappearance of a prominent Harvard physician and the events leading up to the trial
2 Stars
On the trail of Jack the Ripper
London tour guide of the notorious Whitechapel district where the Jack the Ripper murders took place.
2 Stars
Public Enemy #1: : Legendary Outlaw John Dillinger
Features a timeline, personal letters, laws inspired by the bank robber, newsreels, recommended resources, newspaper accounts, a map, and a chronology of Dillinger's final crime spree.
2 Stars
Real Yorkshire Ripper, The
Promoting a book that alleges there were at least two men involved in the Ripper case.
2 Stars
Search national databases for the most wanted fugitives using standard criteria, physical descriptions, unique characteristics and background information.
2 Stars
Serial killer in California who's still-at-large. The victims, the suspects, news center, letters, and archive.
2 Stars
Wanted! Dead or Alive! Osama bin Laden!
News links about Osama bin Laden and the al Qu'ida. Plus information regarding Afghanistan and the surrounding countries.
1 Star
World's Most Wanted, The
Listing of the world's most wanted fugitives and unsolved crimes.
1 Star

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