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Center for Voting and Democracy
Includes information on instant runoff voting (IRV), proportional representation (PR), campaign finance, redistricting, third parties, voter turnout, women and representation, race and representation, pending legislation, ballot measures, and voting right
2 Stars
Electoral Reform Society
Campaigns for proportional representation and the Single Transferable Vote system in parliaments, assemblies and councils. Based in the UK, but information is applicable to other countries and to non-governmental bodies.
2 Stars
Follow the Money
Analyzes campaign contribution filings from more than 40 states, some dating back to 1996. Includes reports on contributions by gambling interests and private prison companies, state political party fundraising.
2 Stars
Analyzes campaign finance filings by political party, zip code, state, individual donor, industry. Profiles of state representatives, of political parties and their committees, and of top individual donors.
2 Stars
Open Source Digital Voting (OSDV) Foundation
Fundamentaly reinventing digital voting technology through the community-based development of free technical guidelines and specifications for determining truly high-assurance, high veracity voting devices.
2 Stars
An interactive electoral map since 1789. Also including voting history by state and election facts.
1 Star
Ballot Access News
Newsletter offering up to date news about the continuing fight for fair and equitable ballot access laws in the USA. Lists online issues and subscription details.
1 Star
Campaigns for People
Organization formed to educate Texans about the serious problems with the state campaign system and to organize a broad coalition for change. Lists news, events and resources.
1 Star
Citizens for Approval Voting
Approval Voting allows the option of voting for any number of candidates for a given office. The candidate who has the most votes wins. Includes a discussion of the potential benefits of this voting
1 Star
Commission on Presidential Debates
Information for voters on presidential debates, the history, statements, education, and DebateWatch.
1 Star
Information includes news about election reforms around the country and an overview of what election reforms are already in place and additional data about election reform laws.
1 Star
Electronic Voting Hot List
Includes general resources, information about available and experimental systems, phone and mail systems, risk and reliability factors, equipment and service vendors.
1 Star
Monitors political candidates' use of the Internet throughout the 2002 campaign season. Tracks the emergence and development of House, Senate, and Gubernatorial campaign Web sites and provides weekly analysis.
1 Star
Register and Vote
Encouraging young people to vote. Including news, interviews, ad campaign, a weblog, the parties, and mobile alerts.
1 Star

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