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Downsize DC
A non-partisan organization working to limit the size of government in the United States through public awareness and petitioning efforts. Includes tools to contact your representatives.
2 Stars
Huffington Post, The
Discussing politic opinions and the latest news.
2 Stars
On The Issues
Compare candidates' stance on issues. View by candidate or by issue and news topic. Includes quiz to see which candidate's opinions most closely match yours.
2 Stars
Offering official government bills, senators, represensatives, commitees and issues with news and blog coverage.
2 Stars
Political Critic, The
Political site discussing current news issues and the American government. Selling posters, calendars, magazines, and other related merchandise.
2 Stars
Public Policy Institute of California
Research sponsored by this private, nonprofit institute focuses on population, economy, and governance and public finance.
2 Stars
A Civil Disagreement
A political website for civilized discussions by regular people. They believe there is something missing: a place where regular people can go to read and/or contribute well-thought-out opinions on American politics.
1 Star
Advocates for Self Government
A nonprofit libertarian educational organization behind the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. They operate political booths and train libertarians in effective communications. Offers general information on the libertarian movement.
1 Star
Almanac of Policy Issues
Background information and links on major U.S. public policy issues, divided into broad policy areas, such as criminal justice, education, social welfare.
1 Star
America's Debate
A forum to discuss news, government, and politics.
1 Star
Informed forecasting for business and government. Dedicated to providing business and governmental leaders and organisations with advance knowledge of global geopolitical and economic developments, current affairs and events.
1 Star
Foreign Policy in Focus
News and opinion on U.S. foreign policy. Covers all topics and world regions.
1 Star
Mike Pereira writes about Canada and US politics, social issues, and political consulting. English/French content. Topics include privacy, federalism, and grassroots activist issues.
1 Star
Missouri Viewpoints
Web show hosted by Mike Ferguson dedicated to the civil and informed dicussion of the political, social, and economic issues that effect the lives of Missourians.
1 Star
Stratfor Strategic Forecasting
Commentary on geopolitical issues with analysis of world events, including political, economic and security issues.
1 Star
Then and Now
Published political advertisements from 1993 to 2012. The ads call for action based on history.
1 Star
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet.
Legislation summaries, status of bills, and Legislature contact information. Sponsored by the Library of Congress.
1 Star

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