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Directory: People and Society ~ Off the Beaten Path ~ Conspiracies and Hoaxes

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Black Vault
Official US government documents, as well as other UFO, NASA, space and aviation information.
3 Stars
Above Top Secrets
Uncovering government conspiracies.
2 Stars
DOE Office of Human Radiation Experiments
Internet access to relevant historical documents that tell the agency's Cold War story of radiation research using human subjects.
2 Stars
Freedom Isn't Free
Information about mind control, shadow governments, human experimentation, electromagnetic weapons technology, and other conspiracies.
2 Stars
History of a Victorian Era Robot
Provides information on Boilerplate, a hoax robot said to have originated in the late 1800s. Includes pictures, accounts of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, and robotic participation in the Spanish-American War.
2 Stars
Archaeological Forgeries
Paleontological, anthropological and archaeological hoaxes. Includes pictures and links.
1 Star
Cabinet of Wonders
Reports on mysterious and unexplained phenomenon.
1 Star
Enterprise Mission, The
Nonprofit organization which discusses and does research regarding government conspiracies related to space exploration.
1 Star
Piltdown Plot
For 40 years Piltdown Man was considered real, but was an elaborate prank. No one knows who created the hoax. Includes sources commenting on, developing and demolishing Piltdown Man.
1 Star
Skeptic's Dictionary: Frauds & Hoaxes
Essays on Bridey Murphy, pyramid schemes, shroud of Turin, The Philadelphia Experiment, Piltdown Hoax, and more. Includes resources and recommended reading.
1 Star
Unique, free, user-generated global complaints system.
1 Star
What Really Happened
Daily conspiracy-themed updates of current events with topics including the economy, politics, wars, religion, science and foreign relations.
1 Star

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