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Social Justice Solutions
Source for news, blogs and opinions on the current state of social work and social justice in the world.
3 Stars
Community Care
Includes news, career information, bookshop, government information, benefit guide, and more.
2 Stars
Don't Bully Online
Anti bullying speaker and educational comedian uses edgy interactive comedy to combat bullying, cyber bullying, racism, hazing, cutting, and other self harming behaviors. Also offers a three DVD curriculum.
2 Stars
Future of Children, The
Online publication by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Publications, resources, conversations, and research.
2 Stars
Lettuce Debate
Online debating forum for topics including politics, world affairs, economics, and science.
2 Stars
Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
Information on the quality and selection of a proper nursing home, including how to assess and pay for care, signs of abuse, medical issues, federal and state laws, patient rights.
2 Stars
Perverted Justice
Exposed online child predators through the use of displaying chat logs, forums and the convictions gained in our judicial system.
2 Stars
Policy for Results
Provides policymakers with data, research, examples of effective policies and financing aproaches.
2 Stars
Informing about controversial issues using facts, news, and opinions in a pro-con format.
2 Stars
Cyber museum of scams and fraud. Advance fee fraud, multi-level marketing, HYIP's and bank debentures, tax protestors, treasury scams and forgeries, and others.
2 Stars
Polling site for taking surveys and doing online analysis. Make a poll and you can send the results to anyone, anywhere.
2 Stars
Social Issues Collection
Database of historial images from the Western United States and the Pacific Northwest region, covering political and social topics such as women's issues, labor and government, ethnic groups.
2 Stars
Stop Blood Diamonds
Promotes the use of conflict free diamonds by working with consumers, jewelers, and diamond merchants to end trade in diamonds that fund conflicts in Africa.
2 Stars
Summer Foundation
Strives for a free, equal and solidary society. Its web site offers ideas and best practices on how to organize society and individual organizations in new, unorthodox ways.
2 Stars
Benton Foundation
Offers information to help communities and nonprofit organizations deliver effective media content through new communications technologies. Includes news and articles library.
1 Star
Bristol Virginia and Bristol Tennessee
Lewis Loflin's personal views on social and political issues, especially as they apply to Appalachia.
1 Star
A statistical database documenting drug use in the United States. Offers current, up-to-date information on drug use including use rates, street prices, and total economic cost.
1 Star
Good News Family Care
Christian organization offers counseling and support to provide a safety net for families in crisis. Provides full board accommodation in their Buxton, Derbyshire building.
1 Star
Revealing the next evolutionary test for humanity. A critical logical and moral paradox for global and individual human survival and prosperity. World advancement issues: education, money, healthcare, human intelligence, crime, and global cooperation.
1 Star
Institute for Global Communications
Emphasizes the media as a means of spreading information about human rights and environmental interests. Includes information about the group and its networks and news articles with an RSS Feed.
1 Star
Net Action
Promotes the use of the Internet for citizen action campaign outreach and advocacy. Features a self-guided Internet training course and articles archives on cyber rights tools and cyber action issues.
1 Star
Resources about non-repressive responses to a variety of violence, including school shootings, sexual assault, and hate crimes. Specific topics in this directory include rape, domestic violence, mediation, and restorative justice.
1 Star
An aggregate of news on various projects to protect public health and well being by individual states' "Public Interest Research Groups." Focuses include environment, marketplace, and government.
1 Star
Weekly Gripe, The
Offers visitors the opportunity to rant and moan about anything they find annoying or irritating. Other features include visitor comments and an opinion poll.
1 Star

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