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Cultivando el Espiritu
The books and teachings of Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carroll, David Brown, Angelo Barilari and Nancy Tate. Information about Indigo and Crystal Children. Information presented in Spanish.
Ascension Network
Support and resources for personal growth and enlightenment. Provides a directory of healers, information on the network and submissions. Includes columns on astrology, healing, empowerment, events, and sacred journeys.
Alchemical Mage: Ascension Tools & Techniques
Tools and technologies developed by the council of Ein Soph. Offers ascension oriented products and information, potions, elixirs, oils, audio and video tapes and CD's. Available in English, Spanish and German.
Texts and links related to spirituality, alternative therapies, illumination and ancient beliefs and cultures. In Spanish.
Council on Spiritual Practices
Information and articles about the Council's studies on spiritual development, practices, and experiences. Includes a code of ethics for spiritual guides.
Libro de Urantia
Browse the text of the Urantia Book and contact other readers. Latest news from the Spanish-speaking community of readers. In Spanish. Sponsored by the IUA.
Light Omega
Spiritual teachings regarding the purification of the earth and the movement toward oneness created by the expansion of light. Hope for the Earth at a time of great change.
Articles and courses on astral travel, meditation, intuition and esoteric paths.
One World Heart Institute
New age avatar discovered and ascended masters manifested fostering a comprehensive understanding of spiritual metaphysics, aquarian age metaphysics and the one eternal divine source.
Portal Dimensional
Dedicated to awakening the inner being and becoming aware of oneself. Also covers astral traveling, indigo children, twin flames, channeling and UFOs. In Spanish.
Portal Dorado
News, articles and channelings related to health, ascension and spirituality. Encourages participation. In Spanish.
Un Curso de Milagros Internacional
A course in miracles, with articles on miracles and quantic physics, and schedule of events. In Spanish.
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