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A free bulletin board system written in PHP using a mySQL database.
3 Stars
Discus Ware
Free bulletin board system offering extensive administration tools, password and username options, message and keyword search capabilities, HTML formatting, and email notification. Commercial add-on for a fee.
2 Stars
Free fully featured bulletin board system. Includes extensive moderation features, poll abilities, comprehensive user control panels, built in messenger, and complete administration tools.
2 Stars
Invision Power Board
Unlimited free trial php forum software utilizing MySQL database. Free support via forum, paid priority support available by ticket system and telephone. Converters available for many popular forum systems.
2 Stars
VBulletin: Community Instantly
Offers software based on PHP format. Includes online demos, developer community and support forums.
2 Stars
Free fully featured Web community and collaboration tool. Includes customizable message board, real time chat, online survey, search engine, form processing.
1 Star
Eve For Enterprise
Ultimate bulletin board system offers hosting and non-hosting solutions. Completely customizable, private contact between members, age screening, and moderation.
1 Star
Open source PHP message board offering information on the features, documentation, demo forums, and update news.
1 Star
Leverage Software
Features information on using online communities for corporations to interact with customers, and software to build online communities with.
1 Star
Free discussion board software written in PHP and MySQL. Features official documentation and script downloads.
1 Star
Open source discussion board software written in PHP. Offers general information, demo, screenshots, support, and bug information.
1 Star
PHP Forum
Provides information on features, demo forum, installation and database help.
1 Star
Free bulletin board written in PHP and uses MySQL. Provides documentation, news, mods, and support forums.
1 Star
Simple Machines
Contains a community forum, support, graphics, charter membership, feature modifications, and a forum download section.
1 Star
Open Source forum software with free add-ons, plugins and skins. Free to download for all types of end users.
1 Star
Free customizable Web publishing and forum software written for PHP- and MySQL-enabled servers. Includes description, features, FAQ, demos, forums, and support. Also offers professional support services. In French and English.
1 Star
A free bulletin board system with all the features of commercial scripts. Fully customizable, easy to install, administration and moderation options, and simple registration and password generator.
1 Star

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