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American Institute of Physics
Information about the society and its members, press releases, images, journals, employment opportunities, and physics history.
3 Stars
Nanotechnology UK
Delivers the world’s most versatile and proven multi-parameter nanoparticle analysis in a single instrument.
3 Stars
Physics Forums
Scientific physics and math forums for professionals and students to discuss serious issues and topics regarding physics in theory, practice, study and reality. Students can also find help for homework and career perspectives.
3 Stars
Provides physics news, essays, reference, new theories, images, humor, and a newsletter.
3 Stars
Fear of Physics
Covers standard topics like relativity and acceleration, and less common and more intriguing topics. Text explains the physics, while animations show you what happens when you alter the parameters.
2 Stars
Physics Central
Features include news, a writer's gallery of recent physicists' essays and a question and answer service about how things work. "People in Physics" highlights the careers of interesting scientists.
2 Stars
Physics for Free
"Essential Physics 1" and "Introduction to Groups, Invarients, and Particles" by Emeritus Professor Frank Firk. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
2 Stars
Guide to physics sites and an animated education section on physics in everyday life.
2 Stars
Provides news on physics-related events from across the world. Also provides physics-related job listings, product listings and company links.
2 Stars
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
Information on semiconductor physics as presented in this tutorial by Britney Spears. Includes diagrams, wallpaper, and bibliography.
1 Star
Century of Physics
Searchable site with a time line and alphabetical index of events.
1 Star
Resource for physics educators and students. The main subject headings include mechanics, thermodynamics and heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, relativity, quantum physics, nuclear physics, and condensed matter.
1 Star
Physics Hypertextbook
Explanation of physics that includes sections for: mechanics; matter; thermal; waves and optics; electricity and magnetism; modern physics; time; measurement; graphing; vectors.
1 Star

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