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Zoology resource allowing researchers, educators, students and others to access information relevant to the life sciences. Newsletters, links, research papers and training materials. Available in English, German and French.
3 Stars
Macaulay Library
Searchable archive of animal sounds and videos.
3 Stars
Animal Behavior Society
Includes information on this organization including membership, organization, and news. Also has resources for studying animal behavior and a directory of certified animal behaviorists.
2 Stars
Animal Diversity Web
Searchable database of natural history, classification and conservation based at the University of Michigan.
2 Stars
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Endangered Animals
An online illustrated encyclopedia of endangered animals that strives to inform and educate children about the danger of extinction of animal species due to environmental destruction.
2 Stars
American Tarantula Society
Provides information on the behavior, anatomy and care of tarantulas, scorpions and other arachnids. Corrects many myths about these creatures, and provides several large image galleries.
1 Star
Amphibians and Reptiles of North Carolina
Provides scientific facts about reptiles and amphibians, especially those native to North Carolina. Also dispels common myths about these animals.
1 Star
Annelid Resources
Guide to worm research and researchers including annelids, polychaeta, oligochaeta, hirudinea, echiura, sipuncula, pogonophora, vestimentifera, clitellata, myzostomaria, sea worms, leeches, earthworms, tubeworms, vent worms.
1 Star
Australasian Evolution Society
Organization formed in 1998 to foster interest and intellectual exchange in evolutionary biology in Zoology. Contains research papers.
1 Star
Australian Bird Study Association
Publications and research on Australian birds. Includes journals, links to other resources and event guide.
1 Star
Australian Society for Fish Biology
Promotes research into fish species and provides a forum for exchange of information between fish biologists.
1 Star
Australiasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks
Organization promoting conservation, education and research amongst majors zoos and aquaria in Australiasia. Overviews on conservation research.
1 Star
Hobo Spider Web Site
Provides information on the life cycle, behavior and identifying characeristics of hobo spiders, as well as the symptoms and hazards of its necrotic bite. Also provides advise for treatment in cases of envenomation.
1 Star
Integrated Taxonomic Information System
Database of biological names focusing on the plants and animals of North America. Search by full or partial scientific name, common name, or TSN (Taxonomic Serial Number).
1 Star
International Society of Arachnology
Provides images of spiders, scorpions and other arachnids, and links to sites about these creatures. Also provides society announcements, membership info and job opening descriptions.
1 Star
Museum of Comparative Zoology
A project focused on animal life and including a variety of departments. Includes specimens, articles, pictures, collections, and links, and has publications available.
1 Star
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
Searchable database that provides access to data and images of amphibians, birds, bird eggs, mammals, and reptiles.
1 Star
Tarantulas: Rick West
Arachnologist Rick West presents information on the features and behavior of tarantulas, along with a photo gallery of hundreds of species.
1 Star

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