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Ancient Creature of the Deep
Companion Web site to a NOVA documentary about the coelacanth, a fascinating living fossil. Information about how coelacanth anatomy is like that of no other animal alive.
2 Stars
North American Native Fishes Association
Features a checklist of freshwater fishes native to North America, information and images for more than a dozen fish species, selected articles from American Currents magazine.
2 Stars
Secret World of Sharks and Rays
Companion Web site to the PBS television series. Includes articles on recreational shark diving, shark and ray diversity; video preview of the program, featuring a segment on the characteristics of sharks and rays.
2 Stars
Sulawesi Ceolacanth
Documents the 1998 discovery of a coelacanth fish in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Includes photographs, habitat maps, information on conservation.
2 Stars
All Catfish Species
Features include a listing of type specimen locations, a guide to current phylogenetic studies and other projects, distribution maps, catfish news and announcements.
1 Star
Seahorse and Sea Dragon Central
Annotated links to facts, articles, images and fact sheets about seahorses and their kin, the sea dragons.
1 Star
Tuna Research and Conservation Center
Contains information about research projects including studies on the North Pacific pelagic ecosystem: bluefin tuna, billfish, and sharks. Includes journal articles, list of conference presentions, technical reports, book chapters, and Ph.D. theses.
1 Star
Wild Salmon Center
Nonprofit organization formed to protect salmon and their habitat, provides numerous links to salmon conservation information.
1 Star
Zfin: Zebrafish Model Organism Database
On-line database of information for zebrafish researchers. Includes publications, genomics, news, nomanclature.
1 Star

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