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1 - 14

Biology in Motion
Interactive biology learning activities. Flash cartoon mini lectures, biology terms, evolution lab, cell division, and cardiovascular system.
2 Stars
Biotech Adventure
Features video clips on cloning and forensics, cells, cell reproduction, genetics, DNA replication, proteins. Includes illustrations. From Oklahoma State University.
2 Stars
Brain: The World Inside Your Mind
A virtual tour of a museum exhibit with an introduction to the brain and how it works; teacher's guide; downloadable video game based on neuron function. Available in English and Spanish.
2 Stars
Cells Alive
Contains several activities to help students understand the basics of cellular biology.
2 Stars
Enter the Hive
View of the structure of a bee hive with information on pollination, developing larva, storing honey. From the television show Nature.
2 Stars
Fun Facts about Fungi
Explains fungi and mycology, the scientific study of fungi.
2 Stars
Got Fossils
Find out what was in city of Laguna Hills and the Saddleback Valley millions of years ago. Timeline, animal facts, programs, and places to visit.
2 Stars
Let's Talk about Insects
Utilizes slides with cartoon-like illustrations, photographs, text, and audio narration to explore the world of insects. Available in English and Spanish.
2 Stars
Microbe Zoo
Learn about communities of microbes, where they live, and how they help support life on earth.
2 Stars
Stalking the Mysterious Microbe
Introduction to bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, and viruses. Also features news, suggested experiments, facts about hand-washing, and information about microbiology careers.
2 Stars
Animal Trial
Resource offers wildlife animal pictures with general facts. Covers animals ranging from North and South America, Europe, and Africa.
1 Star
Attack of the Killer Fungus
Information about mushroom farms, killer green mold, a case of mistaken (taxonomic) identity, the difference between mushrooms and molds.
1 Star
Biology 4 Kids
Learn about how to study and classify life forms, ranging from cells and microbes to plants and animals. Includes teachers’ resources.
1 Star
She Brains - He Brains
Discusses differences in male and female brains and where in the brain these differences might be located.
1 Star

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