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1 - 9

Kids Air
Discusses what makes air dirty and which people are most at risk for getting sick from air pollution. Also a "What Can I Do?" section, dictionary and games.
2 Stars
Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures
Animated program that teaches children about environmental concerns including over fishing, organic farming, and animal extinction.
2 Stars
Pollution - A Global Threat to the Environment
Aiming to increase the global community's awareness about pollution. Types of pollution, impact, pollutants, actions, and activities.
2 Stars
Recycle City
Offers students an interactive way to learn how recycling can affect their environment. Includes information about recycling, games and activities.
2 Stars
What's Up With Our Nation's Water?
Looks at how water quality is measured, what toxins are found in drinking water, and defines wetlands and groundwater. "What can I do?" section and suggested science projects.
2 Stars
Air Junk
Helps children explore dust and its effect around the home by encouraging experimentation and observation.
1 Star
A look into fisheries conservation in the US for grades K-12 from NOAA Research.
1 Star
Learn about organic/regenerative farming, enter your school in a Green Thumbs contest, play some games or makes some environmentally-friendly arts and crafts.
1 Star
Recycle Zone
Educational resource based on three Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle. Offers students an interactive way to learn. There is also a specific section for teachers.
1 Star

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