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Federation Internationale De Natation 2 Stars
FINA oversees and regulates the world of water sport. Features news events, results, rankings and a directory.
Reviewed by darbel

GORP: Scuba/Snorkel 2 Stars
Information about where to go and diving activities. Provides links to resources and clubs.
Reviewed by gloria

SUP Trotters 2 Stars
The social network for stand up paddlers around the world. Log your SUP sessions and discover new spots.
Reviewed by antie_em

Botenland.NL 1 Star
Water sports portal with a business directory, forum, event calendar and general information pertaining to the water sports. In Dutch only.
Reviewed by Gloria

British Swimming 1 Star
News, list of events, results, and links for all British water sports.
Reviewed by darbel

Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea 1 Star
Non-profit organization promotes breath-hold underwater diving. Features news, competitions, results, list of diving sites, a photo gallery and membership information.
Reviewed by darbel

Ligue Europeenne de Natation 1 Star
Governing body for 50 European swimming federations, provides news, list of events, results, photos, and links for European water sports.
Reviewed by darbel

South African Water Ski Federation 1 Star
A national oganization overseeing the various categories of the sport. Features news, events, results and photos.
Reviewed by hbird64

Underwater Hockey 1 Star
Includes U.S. and Canadian news, the rules, links to related resources, explanations of equipment and skills needed, event and tournament information, discussion lists with archives, and a FAQ.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

Underwater Hockey Tourist 1 Star
Directory of clubs devoted to underwater hockey. Listings are by country and include details, contact information, and Web site. Essays on the skills required and links to related sites.
Reviewed by netlibrarian

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