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AbleOne: Classics Technology Center
Information resource for individuals and organizations involved in classical education. Includes teaching and learning materials, systems and applications developed by teachers.
2 Stars
Herodotus Website
Provides the commentaries of 'The Father of History' on Persian kings, cities and battles, as well as an assessment of his views, related essays, glossary, timeline and links.
1 Star
Internet Classics Archive, The
MIT's searchable online collection of over 400 works by Greek and Roman authors, with some Persian and Chinese works, all in English translation.
1 Star
Maecenas : Images of Ancient Greece & Rome
Provides access to color and black and white images of the remains of ancient Greek and Roman buildings in Italy, Greece, France and England.
1 Star
Full text of Lucan's account of the civil wars, from Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon through his victory over Pompey down to his sojourn in Egypt, preceded by a note on the Roman poet.
1 Star

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