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Baby Signs
Books for parents about baby communication. Featuring photos of Peggy Gentieu. General information, benefits, stories, news, research, and FAQ.
2 Stars
Crossing the Gap by James R. Spring
Includes preview chapters and excerpts from the true story of an ill conceived excursion to the Darien jungle between Panama and Colombia.
1 Star
George Szpiro
The author of Kepler's Conjecture has posted scenes which had to be deleted from the published book, as well as other examples of his science journalism. In English and German.
1 Star
Hard Choices for Loving People
Discusses the difficult decisions that patients and caregivers face when dealing with terminal illness and the end of life. Covers cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dialysis, feeding, use of respirators, pain relief, and hospice care.
1 Star
Love Leadership: The Book
Gregg Cochlan, the author of "Love Leadership: What the World Needs Now" speaks about the need for love leadership values in a fear-based world and how to lead with strength and compassion.
1 Star
Lists new and reissued books on military subjects published in the current month. Each entry has title, author, and standard publishing information. Some listings also have short descriptions of the book's content.
1 Star
Third Leaf Books
'Scenes from a Smallholding' is the story of an English suburban family's first three years' experience of setting up an organic smallholding in West Wales… then trying to run it.
1 Star
Van Camp Studios
Offers history books about Eastern North Carolina by author Louis Van Camp recognized by The North Carolina Society of Historians. Each book contains a minimum of 200 images.
1 Star

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