Objectionable Content

Do not list sites with inappropriate content or that have links or banner ads that link to sites with inappropriate content. This includes sites with adult content (porn), hate sites, or sites that promote violence. Entries may not be libelous, defamatory, threatening, or abusive.

Disallowing porn does not mean that you cannot add a site that contains nudity or is of a sexual nature. It is a matter of intent. Fine art sites may have paintings or other works of art which portray nudes. This is fine. There are educational and health sites which discuss sex. If you arenít sure about the site, do not list it or contact the topic manager first.

Do not list Yahoo! or MSN Clubs. It is fine if they are linked to a site you list, but not on their own. Often they are short lived and will just create dead links in the directory.

Do not list pages of search results from another directory or search engine. If the sites they list are that good, check them out and add each one individually to JoeAnt.

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