Spam, Redirects, Meta Sites, and Links Only Pages


Do not list the same site using different URLs in the same topic.  Do not list the same site in a topic and the next level subtopic.  This is considered spamming the directory and may result in having the site banned.  A site may be listed in more than one subtopic as long as they are in separate topic trees (for example, a site about a company in Phoenix, AZ might be listed in its specific subtopic in Business and in the Regional topic for Phoenix).


Do not list sites using URL redirects. These include,,, and others.  The complete site should be hosted on the same domain as the entry page.  An exception may be made for sites that include a remotely hosted chat or message board as long as the bulk of the site is hosted on its own domain. 

Metasites and Multiple URLs

You should also contact the topic manager before you list sub URLs of metasites. He or she will determine whether it is better to simply list the main URL in a high level topic, or if it is of more use to take individual sub URLs and add these to the respective sub topics.

If a company has several URLs add only one.  The URL containing the company name is the best choice, if none do, submit the shortest URL.

Links Only

In most cases, links only sites should not be added. These are often not well maintained and very often contain broken links. Many of them do not offer unique content and it would make more sense to pick the better listings and add these to the directory instead. If you have a links site that does seem to be kept up to date and you feel it would make a good addition to the directory, contact the topic manager for that site and get his or her opinion first.

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