Speed Pass Submission
Verify that the site qualifies for consideration for a directory listing.

  1. Sites must be complete and accessible to the public.  If it is still under construction, please wait until the all of content has been added before submitting.  Each page listed in the menu should have the content represented by the title and all internal links must be working.
  2. The site must have original content.  Mirror sites, duplicate sites, or content copied from another site/source, regardless of whether or not you have a right to that content, may result in the listing being rejected or, if it has been accepted, removed at any time without notice.

    Template sites that are part of an affiliate scheme and have little or no original content will not be accepted for listing.

    Sites that sell only one product or are limited to only one or two pages of content will not be listed in the directory.
  3. Except for businesses listed in the Independent Business Affiliate section, all business/commercial sites must have at least two forms of contact information on the site.  At least one of these should tie to a location: a physical address or a non-toll free phone number.
  4. We do not list sites with objectionable content.  This includes but is not limited to porn, libelous statements, plagiarized material, and language intended to incite violence.
  5. Affiliate and MLM sites must be submitted to the Independent Business Affiliate section and its subtopics.  Failure to submit sites of this type to this section of the directory may result in the listing being rejected or deleted without notice.
  6. The Speed Pass submission is not a means of purchasing an ad or listing.  It is a paid review of your site by a senior staff editor and does not guarantee a listing.


Speed Pass Submission Steps

  1. Find the most appropriate topic or subtopic for the site.

    The best way to do this is to do a keyword search from the JoeAnt Directory index page.  Look at the search results and see if any of the listings appear similar to your site.  Click on the "Related" link to the left of that listing.  This will take you to the topic of that site.

    Also check parent topics, child topics (subtopics) and the "See Also" section to find the category that best defines what your site offers.  Browse the listings and if the sites appear to have similar products / information theme / or focus as the one you are submitting, click the "Add URL" link at the top of the page.

    Do not submit commercial sites into noncommercial subtopics unless there are no appropriate commercial topics available for it.

    The final decision of topic choice for the listing will be made by the reviewing editor.

  2. Submit the URL for the index page of the site. Do not submit subpages or subdomains without prior approval.  Include both the "www" at the beginning of the URL and the slash (/) at the end.  We recommend copying and pasting the URL from your address bar into the URL field of the submission form to avoid errors.  Do not capitalize any letters in the URL.

    Do not include tracking codes in the URL.  These will not be included if the site is listed.

    Do not use URLs that redirect to another site.

  3. Enter the title of the listing.  Capitalize each word in the title except for articles (a, an, the) and prepositions of three letters or fewer (in, on, at, for).  Omit definite and indefinite articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of titles unless it is part of a company's official name or the title of a work of art (book, movie).  In this case, move the "The" or "A" to the end of the title, preceded by a comma. (Lion King, The).

    Commercial sites must list the name of the business as the title.

    Real Estate agents or brokers should list the title as "Agent name: company name".
    Law firm listing titles should be the name of the attorney(s).

    All other sites must use the title a visitor to the site sees on the webpages as the title of the listing.  (Titles may be in English or, if the site is in another language, the language of the site.) Anchor text that is neither the site's title nor the name of the business is not allowed.

  4. Provide a valid email address.  This is the one we use to contact you if we have questions while reviewing the site and to send notification if the site is accepted for listing.  Failure to provide a valid email address or bounced emails may result in rejection of the site or its removal if it has already been accepted for listing.  If you have an anti-spam filter, make sure that JoeAnt.com is added to your list of approved senders.

    We do not sell, rent or give away these email addresses.  Once we have sent the verification email, the address is removed from our system.

  5. Write the description in English and use standard sentences with correct punctuation (no exclamation marks) to describe what the site offers.  Do not capitalize any words other than the first word of each sentence and proper nouns.  Do not capitalize words for emphasis and do not write descriptions in all capital letters.

    Do not list keywords or products.  Give an overview of the site and use accurate, objective language to describe what makes it worth visiting.  Do not make the site description look like an advertisement (leading, the best, coolest).

  6. Check the features offered on the site.

    Audio - visitors to the site may select to hear audio files online.
    Chat - forum, message board, or onsite IMs.  A business that offers online chat with customer service does not qualify for this feature.
    Downloads - files that must be downloaded to the visitor's computer to be used.  If the files can be accessed online without downloading first, check the appropriate box for that type of file instead (audio, games, video).
    E-Commerce - if the site offers a shopping cart/online transaction.  The entire transaction must be able to be completed online and does not include sites where the customer must call, fax, or email the purchase/payment information.  There must be a product or service provided for the payment.  Donations are not considered e-commerce.
    Games - lets the visitor play games online or by downloading them. 
    Polls, text puzzles, and quizzes do not count as games.  Any patches, demos, or other game accessories may also get the games feature. Sites that contain only cheats and codes do not get the games feature.  Sites that sell games that are not available for download and instant play do not qualify for this feature.
    Membership - if a visitor needs to register with the site for full access including posting on message boards or forums, viewing extra content, or other members' only services.  If you want the content of the members' area to be included in the review, send a username and password to admin@joeant.com.  Otherwise that content will not be considered in the description or rating for your listing.
    Video - for sites contains avi, mov, mpeg, or other video files. Streaming Web casts of television shows, news casts, and Web cameras get the video feature.  Animation (Flash or other types) is not considered video.


  7. The regional field is optional.  If your business has a brick and mortar location and you want to make it easier for area residents to find you or if your online business is for a specific region only, put (whichever apply) the city, state/province, country, and continent here.  Separate the places by spaces only, do not use commas or any other punctuation.  Do not list several countries or "worldwide" in this field.

Site acceptance will depend on these rules.  Rating will be based on a review of the site.

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