How to Add Sites

At the left of your anthill (your editor control panel), you will see the list of topics that are available to you for adding sites.  Editors begin with one topic and may add more as they progress in rank.

Click on your topic to drill down to the most appropriate subtopic for the site you plan on entering.  (If you are unsure of the best topic, do a search for similar sites and see what topics they are in.)

When you have decided on an appropriate subtopic, click the "Add URL" link at the top right of your screen.  You will see:

Step One

What URL do you wish to add?
(Type or paste the URL in the box, beginning with "www" or the appropriate subdomain.)

This site will be added under:
(The topic tree will appear here.)

Failure to follow the "guidelines" May result in your submission being declined and/or deleted.

Please check the following:

1. Is this the most appropriate topic for this site?

2. Does this site offer original content that does not rely on affiliate links?

3. Is this page free of any programming that redirects, mirrors or doorways any other sites or pages?

4. Have you checked to see if this site or any of its sub-pages are already indexed on

5. Is this site clear of any pornographic (adult) material that is unsuitable for younger viewers?

If you've answered all questions with a "Yes", you may continue to
step two.

Submission Agreement

By processing this submission, I agree

To abide by the Terms and Conditions
I submit this site as a volunteer. Never will I expect to be compensated.
Not to rely on any aspect of a sites inclusion into the directory.
To grant permission to edit, modify, or copy my
submissions with a royalty-free license of use in a non-exclusive fashion.

If the site complies with the guidelines, click on the "Step Two" button.  If the site is already listed, you will see a message:

This URL is already in the directory.

If the site is not yet listed, you may continue with the submission.  Enter the title, description, rating, features, and location (if needed) as per the guidelines.

The submission will then go for review by a higher level editor.  He or she will either return it with suggested edits or approve it.  Once it is approved, it will appear in the JoeAnt directory after the next database update.

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