Editor Behavior

Removal of Editors

Yes, it can happen. We try to work with editors first to make sure it's not just a matter of misunderstanding guidelines, but if there are problems including, but not limited to, this list an editor will have his or her access removed.

1. Failure to follow guidelines.
2. Spamming. This includes adding sites to both parent and child topics in the topic tree and/or adding sites to inappropriate topics.
3. Failure to revise entries following an edit request. If you don't understand the request or disagree with it, email the other editor, don't just ignore it.
4. While editors are encouraged to add their own sites, they should not write misleading descriptions and ratings of their site. They may not edit competitor's entries for the purpose of getting a higher listing for their own site. This also applies to anyone who is promoting sites for a third party.
5. Uncivil behavior toward another editor.
6.  Providing false information on the editor application.
7.  Editors should not claim to represent JoeAnt in emails or when posting on boards.  You may identify yourself as an editor, but all official communications need to be sent from staff.

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