Site Features


The audio feature should be used for sites that contain MP3, wav, MIDI, Real Player audio files or other music file formats to be downloaded or listened to online. 

If the site loads a MIDI, a wav, or any sounds automatically, which plays while you're surfing the site, it does not get an audio feature. However, if the site offers a musical jukebox, that is, a selection of music to be played in the back ground, that you can choose to play, then it gets the audio feature. 

Sites, such as greeting cards sites, that allow you to include an audio file in an e-mail or card to a friend get the audio feature. 

Any web site that offers streaming audio, live news broadcasts (that are in audio, such as or that uses Real Player Audio, or Win Amp to play streaming media, gets the audio feature.


The shopping feature should only be used if the site offers a shopping cart, or transaction online. This includes Yahoo! Stores, and third party shopping cart systems regardless of whether or not the shopping cart affiliate gets a commission. Services that allow you to pay through PayPal or E-Gold, such as E-bay, also get the shopping feature.

The entire transaction should be able to be done online.  Do not give the shopping feature to a site that requires the user to call, email, mail, or fax the order.

Do not give the shopping feature to sites that ask for donations.

Sites which sell a product or service (whether or not it is eligible for e-shopping) need to have two types of contact information.  They should  list a phone number and/or address along with an email address.  Any site without two forms of contact information must be approved by the topic manager before it is listed.


The chat feature should be used for sites that offer chat with or without membership. Messages boards and forums get this icon because users have a way of communicating with other people on the site. (This also includes sites that offer links to Yahoo! clubs, and any similar type of gathering place.)

Sites that offer ICQ instant messaging portal, Yahoo! messenger services, or other IMs do not receive the chat feature.

Please check the link to the chat room or message board.  If the chat or message board is not working, then it does not get the chat feature.


The games feature is to be used on sites where you can play games online. Polls, text puzzles, and quizzes do not count as games. Most of the games that received this feature will use Shockwave or Java. Sites that offer downloadable games will get this feature, as well as the downloads feature. Any patches, demos, or other game accessories may also get the games feature. However, sites that contain only cheats and codes, do not get the games feature.

Do not give the feature to sites with broken links.  Please test one or two of the links to make sure that they're working. If the downloads don't work for the games, or if the games themselves don't work, the site does not get the feature. 

Sites that allow gambling may also get the games feature if they are able to play online or if there is a download required. Remember to include icons for downloads and membership if required.

Editor Owned Site

This feature is for use by editors to show that a JoeAnt Editor owns the site.  These sites may be nominated for the Editor Owned Site of the Month.

Membership Required

This feature is to be used on sites that require membership for full access to the site and its benefits. It is not to be used for registration for newsletters, drawings, mailing lists or the like.


The downloads feature should be used for sites that offer file downloads such as games or other software. However, an editor should check one or two of the downloads, to make sure that they work. If they do not work, the site does not get the icon.

Virtually anything can be saved to a computer, this does not make it a download.  To qualify for the download feature, it must be something that can only be used by downloading.  Pdf or other document files that can be read online, images for wallpaper, and music that can be listened to online are not downloads.  While they may have the option to be saved to a computer, the user can still view/hear them without downloading first.


If the site contains avi, mov, mpeg, or other filenames pertaining to movies then the site gets the video feature. Streaming Web casts of television shows, news casts, and Web cameras get the video feature also.  Please check to make sure the video is working.

Animation is not the same thing as video.  Do not give the feature to sites that only offer Flash or other similar animations.


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