Selecting a Site to Add

Start with what you know.  Add your own site if you have one.  Find the most appropriate topic for it, write an unbiased description, and rate it fairly.  (No one cares if you lived off Skittles and Mountain Dew for a week while you created it.  The end user just wants to know if it has the information they want, is easy to use, doesn't cause convulsions from over use of blink tags, or crashes their browser.)  How does it compare to other sites in this topic?  If you have questions, ask the topic manager for guidance.

 Presumably you've chosen a topic to work in that interests you so you should have sites in mind that you want to add to the directory.  Look at the sites you have bookmarked on your computer.  What are the ones you visit most frequently?

After you have added your favorite sites, you may want to search for others to add.  Use search engines, other directories, check the links pages on the sites you have added, and look for top 25/50/100 listings for that topic.  Do not add the search results page or any links only page.  Review each site listed on these individually and submit the quality sites.

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