Descriptions and Titles


Do start the title off with a capital letter unless it is a proper name.  For example, a site created by Widgets, Inc. could show "just widgets" as the title.  We will capitalize it to show as Just Widgets in our description title.  Company names (proper names) such as eBay which begin with a lower case letter will also begin with a lower case letter in our description titles.

Capitalize each word in the title except for articles (a, an, the) and prepositions of three letters or fewer (at, on, for) unless these words are at the beginning of the title.

Do not start the title off with "The" or "A". If it is a proper title (book, magazine, movie…), put "The" or "A" at the end, following a comma. e.g. Lord of the Rings, The.  It should still be capitalized.  If it is not a proper title, omit the articles at the beginning.

Do use the title of the Web site.  The title  is not always what shows in the browser title bar.  It will usually be what shows at the top of the index page of the site.  Titles should be in the language of the site but the descriptions must be in English.

Do not include additional information in the title. The exception would be if there are more Web sites with the same title under a particular topic. In that case, include to whom the site belongs, the company name or from where it originates. e.g. World Super Bike: Speedvision and World Super Bike: ESPN

Some special circumstances require special arrangements. To avoid confusing or duplicate titles, the following types of sites will have their titles listed in a specific way.

For celebrity sites, if the person's name is listed in the title, use the given title. If not, list first name last name: site title. e.g.: Mel Gibson: Captive

For real estate listings use realtor's name followed by their company affiliation.  Joe Martin:  RE/MAX.

Do not begin titles with punctuation marks or other symbols.  For example, !!Joe's Web Designs!! will be shown as Joe's Web Designs.


Use standard sentence format. That means use complete sentences, start with a capital and end with correct punctuation (no exclamation marks, please). Do not use all capitals, do not capitalize words for emphasis, and do not capitalize each word of the description. Proofread for correct grammar and spelling before submitting.

Be brief. The maximum allowed length of a description is 35 words.

The goal is to write a summary of what the Web site offers and to let the user know why this site would be useful to them. Start with a short overview and include a few main aspects. Anything that makes the site unique should also be mentioned. Describe the features, not the product or service. Everything listed is a Web site, so making statements such as, "This site" or "Site offers" is redundant.

Summaries should be written using American English spelling, but mention if the site itself is in another language.  The exception to this is when the description shows that the site is clearly marketing only to an audience who uses British spelling.  In this case the British spelling may be used.  For example, a search engine optimization company marketing only to British Webmasters may use "optimisation" rather than "optimization".  If the same company markets to site owners worldwide, the description will need to use American English.  Sites of general interest must use American English spelling.

Do not copy descriptions from other directories or search engines.  In general, the metatag description should not be copied since most will not meet our guidelines and this is the description that will show up in many search engines.  If you have questions about this, check the sites listed in our Plagiarism topic.

For the sake of consistency and accuracy, use Web site (instead of website), Internet (instead of internet) and online (instead of on-line) in descriptions.  Titles with these words should be shown the same way that they appear on the site.

Example of a good description:


Information from experts, personalities, and others about remodeling, decorating, and gardening. Offers tools for calculating the amount of paint, grass seed and wallpaper. Offers free email, forums, and Web hosting. 

Example of a poor description: 

Grate Site! LOVED it! Since 1995 we've been a Yahoo Top Ten Home & Garden site. Now we're launching this new place. We're about the views of experts, personalities and ..... 

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