Using the Correct URL

List the URL of the index page, including the slash at the end:  this to keep URLs standard.  Sometimes several URLs can lead to the same site:

Always chose the one with the "www" in the URL and leave off "home.html", "index.html" or any other extension that is not necessary to access the site.  This will help prevent accidental duplications of entries. If the site generates a unique URL for visitors with information about that session.  For example, a visit to showed the URL:  

All of the information after the ".com/" is dynamically generated and should be removed before the URL is added to JoeAnt.

When you remove the parts of the URL after the extension (.com/, .net/), make sure that it still works.  If so, that is the URL that should be added.

Do not list subpages (subURLs).  In most cases it is best to list the index page of a site in a higher level topic than to list multiple subpages in several subtopics.  Exceptions may occur if there is a subsection of a site that is off the topic of the rest of the site or when there is a topic that has limited information available.  In these cases, it is up to the topic manager to determine the value of listing the subpage.  

For sites with more than one URL (.com, .net) use the .com extension.  This will help avoid multiple listings for the same site in the same topic.

In the case of a Web site using URLs with different extensions for the same content, Vancouver International Airport with and and Air Canada with and, list the URL with the country extension instead of the .com one.  This will help regional users find the sites more easily.

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