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NOVA Online: Hunt for Alien Worlds
Learn about the planets, find out what experts think about humans being alone in the universe, and learn about the tools used in searching for UFOs.
3 Stars
Alien Abduction Experience and Research
Articles and discussion forum.
2 Stars
Alien Scalpel
The removal of alien implants from "abductees".
2 Stars
Bible UFO Connection, The
Compilation of biblical references to the flying vehicles, close encounters, and technology of the supreme beings known as the Elohiym.
2 Stars
Canadian UFO Survey
Provides information on Canadian UFO sightings.
2 Stars
Crowded Skies
London UFO studies research site, with alien pics, downloads and sighting report forms.
2 Stars
Aenigmatis: Ufo's
Studies of famous UFO photo and video cases. Includes articles on the Trindade Island UFO, Rouen flying disk photos, and a detailed study of the Nellis Range UFO video footage.
1 Star
Alien Abduction Insurance
Common sense attitude with a smile towards alien abduction.
1 Star
Alien Crossing
Features evidence and research into aliens and the ufo phenomena.
1 Star
B.U.F.O.D. Space, Above and Beyond
UFO sightings, UFO sighting report form and UFO related downloadables. With online DVD store and links to related sites.
1 Star
The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a worldwide organization for establishing a peaceful relationship with extraterrestrial life forms.
1 Star
Starchild Project
Information about a project that is trying to determine if a misshapen skull found in Mexico is human or a human-alien hybid.
1 Star
UFO Magazine, USA
Features articles and previews from UFO Magazine, an American UFO-related publication. With online subscription and links to other UFO-related sites.
1 Star
UFO Maps
Google Maps or MSN Virtual Earth map with the locations of the latest UFO sightings arranged by period.
1 Star
Artwork related to UFO's, Includes frescos, tapestries, illustrations, oil paintings and early photographs.
1 Star
UFOs Today
UFO information and links.
1 Star

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