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Directory: People and Society ~ Off the Beaten Path


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Modern Drunkard Magazine
Offers access to articles from the current and past issues of this magazine. Features stories on famous drunks, drunkard of the month, and the joys of alcohol.
2 Stars
Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Offers child friendly information on UFO's, lost worlds, dinosaurs, archaeology, the seven ancient wonders, wallpapers, and more.
2 Stars
Profiling the Unexplained
Articles, videos and forum for discussion of unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomena.
2 Stars
Spell casting community and magic guide. Learn about the different forms of magic, witchcraft, spell casters and witches.
2 Stars
Australian Skeptics
Provides information on this organization including membership, goals, and local branches. Also has articles, random true facts, quiz, and online store.
1 Star
Cryptic Thinking Official Site
Paranormal book on alien contact develops theories in archaeoastronomy, astrobiology, planetary science, SETI astronomy, and cosmology.
1 Star
Enlightening Times Magazine
An ezine offering alternative views on science, spirituality, and life in general.
1 Star
National Capital Area Skeptics
Includes information on the organization including goals and board of directors. Has details on available speakers, how to make a donation, and online reports about UFOs.
1 Star
Philosophical Research Society, The
A nonprofit organization, dedicated to the world's mystery school education, features schedules of lectures and classes, as well as events relating to the school.
1 Star
Skeptic's Dictionary
Robert T. Carroll offers over 400 skeptical definitions and essays; also about frauds and hoaxes. Links to French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish translations. Download for Palm Pilot.
1 Star
The Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine of Dr. Michael Shermer presents its manifest, lectures, book reviews, archives, a free e-mail newsletter about skepticism, religion, science, agnosticism, atheism.
1 Star

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