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Guide to Poisonous Plants
Search by botanical name, common name, or symptoms.
2 Stars
Plants Toxic to Animals
Includes database organized by common name or scientific name. Plant listings include a picture and information about distribution areas, when poisoning usually occurs, controlling toxic growth, chemical involved, and symptoms.
2 Stars
Poisonous Plant Patch
Information includes reasons for toxicity, emergency procedures, poison names, toxic medicinal plants, how to avoid, and details with pictures. Includes Flash intro. In English and French.
2 Stars
Poisonous Plants Home Page
Shares research material including introduction, plants by both common and Latin names with photos and fact sheets on each, case histories, slide show of poisonous plant lecture, Pennsylvania section, and glossary.
2 Stars
FDA Poisonous Plant Database
Includes a long list of names of poisonous plants crossreferenced by names of authors of related publications.
1 Star
Field Guide to Plants Poisonous to Livestock
Offers ordering information and details of a book by this title. Also includes excerpts of several plant types, such as milkweed, knapweed, water hemlocks, sneezeweed, lantana, laurel, groundsel, and arrow grass.
1 Star
Poison Oak FAQ
Includes details on the poison oak plant species, including description, poison involved, how it's spread, images at different seasons, and remedies. Also includes poison oak humor.
1 Star
Poisonous Plants
Provides a chart listing some of the more common poisonous plants. Includes house plants, flower garden and vegetable garden plants, ornamental plants, trees and shrubs and swamp plants.
1 Star
Poisonous Plants of North Carolina
A database of poisonous plant information, sorted by common or scientific names, with details and photographs of each.
1 Star
Toxic Plant Database
Information about Texas plants poisonous to livestock, organized by name, region, symptoms, livestock, and photographs. Listings contain pictures, descriptions, distribution, habitat, toxin, symptoms, and management. Book or CD available.
1 Star

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