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Arnold Arboretum
Features selected plants at the Arboretum, collections management, on-site projects, a plant-information hotline, and a detailed table listing bloom times for dozens of plants; guidelines for adjusting dates for localities beyond New England are
2 Stars
Collection of time-lapse photography that shows the movements of plants The videos show plant growth phenomena, including germination, circadian responses, phototropism.
2 Stars
Information about plants native to the countries of southern Africa. Includes images, descriptions, and growing information for more than 22,000 plant species.
2 Stars
Washington Native Plant Society
Includes photographs and descriptions of plants native to specific Washington regions, information on invasive species and endangered plants, articles on native plants, and links to ethnobotany, gardening, and seed and plant sources, information about
2 Stars
Wild Food
Information about foraging for edible and medicinal wild plants. Includes recipes and information about New York area ecology tours.
2 Stars
California Plant Names, Word Meanings and Name Derivations
Alphabetical listing of plant names with their meanings and derivations. Included are descriptions of the communities, glossary of botanical terminology, sources, explanation of nomenclature used, and related links.
1 Star
Carl Albert Purpus, Plant Collector
Contains correspondence and published writings by Purpus, articles, and a list of plants first described by the botanist. Also includes photographs and a browsable geographical index.
1 Star
Plant Communities of California
A chart of California plant communities and vegetation types with information on geographic distribution and elevation, weather, soil properties, important influences and adaptions, diversity, and cover.
1 Star
Plant Pathology Internet Guidebook
Subject oriented Internet resource guide for plant pathology and applied entomology. Topics include bacteriology, entomology, mycology, nematology, virology, weeds, and parasitic plants.
1 Star
Plants Database
A database of Plants Materials publications, searchable by keyword, title, author, publication type, publication topic, or geography.
1 Star
Titan Arum - The Biggest 'Flower' in the World
Includes a sequence of photos as the plant grows from 350 millimeters to over 2 meters. Information about the plant, its giant leaf and flower, and how it is pollinated.
1 Star
vPlants : A Virtual Herbarium of the Chicago Region
Provides data for plant specimens from the greater Chicago region, and digital images of many of the specimens.
1 Star
Online botanical publication produced by the herbarium at North Carolina State University. Covers taxonomy, floristics, ecology, nomenclature, ornamental plants, and biogeography.
1 Star

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