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World Time Server
Site provides correct current times in any time zone, country, or major city in the world and has accurate adjustments for daylight savings time rules.
3 Stars
Clockworks: From Sundials to the Atomic Second
An exploration of the history of timekeeping from sundials to cesium atomic clocks.
2 Stars
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): World Time
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): World Time Provides world time clocks and maps along with time information for every country and time zone in the world. Includes conversion tools and downloadable PC clock.
2 Stars
magayo: World Time Weather
World time clock with local weather and time converter on your Windows desktop.
2 Stars
Time and
Customizable world clock, meeting planner, calendars, and counters.
2 Stars
World Time Zones
Features the current time anywhere in the world along with time zone information, downloadable clocks and time conversion charts.
2 Stars
Free resource providing information and tools relating to global time.
2 Stars
Daylight Savings Time
History of Daylight Saving Time, explanation of how the clock changes work; which states change clocks, list of countries that practice Daylight Saving Time.
1 Star
New Earth Time
Proposes a new internet time zone which divides each day into 360 degrees. One internet, one time.
1 Star
Official U.S. Time
Animated clock that is accurate within 1 second, depending on internet delays. Sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U. S. Naval Observatory.
1 Star
Online Alarm Clock
Online Alarm Clock - Free internet alarm clock displaying your computer time.
1 Star
Sundials on the Internet
Includes how to set up a dial, finding latitude and longitude, projects for making a sundial, a FAQ, and a collection of sundial mottos, articles, makers.
1 Star
The Time Now
Tells the time in what ever location or timezone you are in. You can also create your own bookmarking page.
1 Star
World Time Engine
Provides live local time for any place or geographic coordinates in the world.
1 Star
Interactive world time map.
1 Star

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