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Guaranteed review within the next 15 business days. (One Time Fee - $39.99) Great Books Online
Free online classics of reference, verse, fiction and nonfiction. Includes a search feature, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus and quotations.
What Are The?
Lists of the best and most interesting current events, educational resources, TV shows, movies, music, books, games, apps, technology, science, history, and more.
Index of articles and journals from top publications available through local libraries.
Search through encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries and atlases. Also possible through a toolbar or by clicking in the Windows screen.
An accessible reference resource to the biographies of Britain's highest achievers in all walks of life, with extended guides to the royal family, the peerage and baronetage and the honours system.
Offers information on educational topics in all disciplines. News, lessons, research and resources.
Formula Conversion
Metric conversion, currency converter and GPA calculator. Includes length, area, volume, mass, etc. features: algebraic steps, search tool, saving and organizing of your favorites conversions and GPA calculator inputs.
Free Pint
Focuses on online information and the Internet world. Features forums, articles, newsletter and archives, events listings, student resources, book reviews, and information management reports for sale. Offers seminars in London.
Google Scholar
Caters for scientists and academic researchers. Search scholarly literature for peer-reviewed papers, books, theses, abstracts and technical reports. Offers FAQ and filter settings.
Knowledge source Website featuring topic-based articles on wide-ranging popular subjects.
Interesting Facts
Learn interesting and fun facts about our amazing world: history, celebrity, nature, health, food, and more.
Literary Devices
List of literary devices and terms with definition, great examples and a quiz to test your understanding.
Mis Respuestas
Answers to frequently asked questions, organized by topic. Site in Spanish.
Most Expensive Journal
A guide to every costliest items and events. Find out about anything that is the most expensive in the world. A wide variety of topics helping answer frequently asked questions about record costs.
Most Popular Journal
A reference with everything that is the most popular. A wide variety of topics helping answer frequently asked questions about popularity.
An aggregator of data from digital library collections. Information is provided in a searchable catalog with pointers to the digital resources. Resource types include texts, images, audio, video, and datasets.
Parts of Speech
Definitions and examples for the eight major parts of speech in English grammar: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, preposition and interjection.
Free online reference Web site, including general encyclopedia, drug database. medical encyclopedia, dictionary and quotations.
Straight Dope, The
An online archive of over 30 years of answers to all kinds of questions.
Provides a searchable dictionary by word search and by browsing. Also includes acronyms, idioms, the Columbia Encyclopedia and a Wikipedia.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Offers a collection of urban legends, myths, and folklore. Also about rumors, misinformation, hoaxes, and scams.
Information and reference articles on a wide variety of topics.
What Is? What!
gives easy answers to everyday questions. Defines words, acronyms, ideas, products, and software.
Searchable reference tool offering results from a diverse array of dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and other references.
Zebra Words
Easy to use dictionary and thesaurus with results from a variety of online sources.
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